The story
of evolver

We are passionate about people and their experiences. We believe life is too short to deal with things that don’t work the way they should.

Have you ever experienced products, services or processes that were poor? So have we. Which is why we have created Evolver. First and foremost, to create better experiences for people - customers, users, employees, business partners. But there is also a huge business opportunity in good design. Design gives businesses a chance to offer real value to customers, while helping cut costs related to fixing the services and products that should have been better to begin with.

We solve problems with human-centered design, a creative approach to problem solving that allows us to develop deep empathy for people we design for and come up with solutions that are tailored to their needs. We believe innovation thrives in interdisciplinary atmosphere, and so our team includes people from diverse professional backgrounds - from entrepreneurship, linguistics, cognitive science, and anthropology - to programming, consulting, coaching, engineering, academia and cryptocurrency investment. These different perspectives are the backbone of Evolver and help us reach for non-standard solutions.

First, we describe your needs and conduct research on your end users’ needs. Next, we work on defining the problem and suggest a solution. After a testing session and feedback gathering phases we either end with a solution resolving the problem or using the gathered data we suggest further improvements and repeat the whole process.

How we work

We follow a combination of design thinking, lean and agile methods in product and service design and optimization. By combining creative problem solving techniques with observation, rapid prototyping and iterative working, we strive to empathize with people’s experiences on the customer journey and build unique solutions that are tailored to their needs.

We then balance those needs with a rich understanding of our clients’ internal business requirements, systems, processes and technology.


Our work follows a set of values and beliefs that are important to us and that we don’t compromise on. We believe that an atmosphere of collaboration under these fundamentally human-centric values has profound impact on the quality of our work, and the experiences of our clients, their customers and our team.

Hiding information undermines trust
Is the fuel of collaboration and creativity
We try to tackle our ego’s and blind spots
We embrace diversity and avoid hierarchy
We cut through silos and embrace interdisciplinarity
We empathize with people and their needs
We are transparent, but also kind and respectful
Continuous learning
Prototyping and testing are essential learning steps
Social responsibility
We care about giving back to the community

the team

Agata Slater - zdjęcie
Agata Slater
CEO & co-founder

Area of expertise: business

Key skill: interdisciplinarity

What her colleagues say about her: “Passion Personified”

Is most proud of: her dog not chewing other dogs to death

Can often be heard saying: “There is this research I read recently”

Jagoda Szulia - zdjęcie
Jagoda Szulia
COO & co-founder

Area of expertise: storytelling

Key skill: executive coaching

What her colleagues say about her: “She’s probably still sleeping”

Is most proud of: her book collection

Can often be heard saying: “I have an idea”

Remigiusz Antczak - zdjęcie
Remigiusz Antczak
CIO & co-founder

Area of expertise: project management

Key skill: bringing order to chaos

What her colleagues say about her: “He’ll figure it out”

Is most proud of: Evolvers

Can often be heard saying: “We need to do it asap”

Konrad Mroczko - zdjęcie
Konrad Mroczko
CXO & co-founder

Area of expertise: design

Key skill: playing devil’s advocate

What her colleagues say about her: “Deep diving? Go see Konrad”

Is most proud of: his hippie shirt

Can often be heard saying: “I just want to do it right”

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